"While You Wait"
Southaven, MS
This is not your father's shoe repair shop. Actually, you could say it's our granduncle's. Carrying on a family tradition that began in the early 1900's, we continue today with the third and fourth generation. Known for superior craftsmanship, friendly service and hand selection of only the finest materials, we can accomodate most repairs while you wait.

So, before you go buy uncomfortable new shoes, bring your favorite footwear to Shoe Repair Express and let us bring back that "new shoe" look, while keeping the same "broke-in" feel! And if you can't get to our shop, use our mail-in shoe repair service and get our unmatched repair services delivered right to your doorstep.
As part of the effort to make our world a cleaner, safer, and healthier place, we think repairing and recycling old shoes is a great way to help the planet. Shoe repair uses far less energy and natural resources than it does to manufacture new shoes. It also reduces air pollution and saves space in our landfills. Not only do you save the environment for future generations, you save money.
Don't throw your shoes away.
Even if you don't have them repaired, drop them off with us to keep them out of landfills.