Our Generational Story

About Us

Shoe Repair Express.
The name itself only conveys one aspect of our business—service while you wait.
But here you can expect a higher level of quality in every product or service.
When it comes to shoe repair, every job is unique and comes with its own set of challenges.
So just how can a shoe repair shop meet such high expectations?
In our case, we stand on the shoulders of those who came before us.
Now in the fourth generation of the craft, we have a priceless advantage.....
one that not even a modern trade school can brag about.
Three lifetimes worth of skills learned only by experience have been revealed in secret to our family members. Only by time & patience have we obtained this rare expertise. Precision craftsmanship is evident along with pride in a job well done.
A long history has preceded our success.
In the early 1900’s, our Granduncle Wiley pioneered the way into the shoe repair trade.
Out of necessity, he began a family tradition he probably never knew would still be going strong.

You see Wiley was somewhat of an orphan. His parents had just come from Germany with 7 children….but when his mother passed away his father was unable to care for them by himself. So all 7 children went to separate homes, not seeing each other again until they were adults. Meanwhile, Wiley’s brother Hiram had been raising a family of 15 by sharecropping in Tennessee. By the time Wiley found them, his nephew Jesse was just turning 18 and looking for a way to support himself. So Wiley took Jesse with him, back to his home in Kansas, and taught him the shoe trade in 1937. 15 Years later he taught Jesse’s son, Jesse Jr. in 1952. Both Jesses later moved to California, where Jesse Jr. is still in business. With his sister running the front counter, his shop has been in the same location since 1970.

Next the trade was passed on to my late husband John, who learned from Jesse Sr. back in 1978. After moving to Mississippi, John taught me (Kim) in 1985.
Our sons, Micheal & Tyler, continue the legacy alongside us since 2009.
Shoe Repair Express is proud to keep the old standards of excellence alive, even as it is a trendsetter with the latest materials and methods.
Wiley Holder 1895-1969
Jesse Holder, Sr. 1919-2013
John Brown 1960-2013
Micheal & Tyler 1989-Present
"While You Wait"
Jesse Holder, Jr. 1941-Present
Southaven, MS
Kim Brown 1960-Present